Transfiguro is a specialist of GDPR regulatory consultancy, through professional assessment and reporting.  It allows clients to get on with their business and remove the guesswork.


Self-assessments take time and are like opting for self-medication instead of proper diagnosis. The burden of getting things wrong is too high; carrying the risk of false confidence and ultimately destroying important reputations.  No organisation needs to pay the penalty.


Above all, having a proper assessment demonstrates corporate responsibility.  It shows steps have been taken, gaps have been identified, recommendations made and corrective actions taken.


Transfiguro reporting identifies where client organisations have things right and wrong, where they need to improve and where they need to fundamentally change. 


Transfiguro’s approach is taken in the following stages:


  1. Scope the status-quo

  2. Assess the existing controls

  3. Examination, GAP analysis and data protection impact assessment

  4. Report with recommendations

  5. Process documentation

  6. Policy documentation

  7. Interim or continuous annual appraisals


GDPR remedies need to be appropriate and proportionate.  They also need to address potential future needs. Transfiguro reports propose remedial actions that can be taken by the client directly or by a specialise supplier we approve.


Transfiguro can be scheduled to carry out annual assessments so that clients have better corporate oversight and compliancy can be maintained.


Transfiguro is resourceful and pragmatic in the way it achieves clients’ GDPR objectives.



Make compliancy your objective and Transfiguro your policy.

WE ARE SPECIALISTS in gdpr regulation